Digger Case Study Diary

Digger is a older, retired Standardbred.  Digger was born in 1999 and raced as a trotter and pacer over 5 years.  When he was 8 years old and he eventually became a trail horse mount.  His conformation fault (sickle hocked) and the years of racing took his toll on his joints and he developed fairly bad hock arthritis.  Combined with this, over the last few years of riding, he struggled with ulcers.  It was the combination of the arthritis and ulcers that led to me retiring him to paddock life at age 18.

Yea-Sacc has been very helpful in terms of assisting with the reduction of his ulcers and been effective in gaining and maintaining weight.  Before Yea-Sacc, He required large amounts of feed to (unsuccesfully) maintain his weight.  After Yea-Sacc, though it’s ability to improve nutritional uptake from feed, the quantity is now reduced and rib coverage is maintained. He went from a poor-doer to an average-doer.

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